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Flowmaster Inc. has been a world leader in the science of exhaust technology

since its founding in 1983.  Each muffler Flowmaster has designed, developed, and

manufactured improves performance and sound, over original equipment, on the vehicle

on which it is installed.  If you want to increase performance or desire that world famous 

sound, Flowmaster has a muffler for you.

Click the link below to find more information on Flowmaster products on their

web site:


           By bringing patented race-winning technology to the streets Borla is able to offer

a complete line of sport compact exhaust systems that help performance.  By eliminating 

the restrictive design of O.E. exhaust systems Borla systems allow your engine to "exhale"

easier providing you with performance gains.  We are Houston's only Authorized Distribution 

center for borla products.

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            MagnaFlow is the all welded, unrestricted, high-flow performance exhaust with 

the straight-through design that delivers performance, power and durability, along with

a smooth, deep tone.  We offer the full line of MagnaFlow exhaust systems, which includes

mufflers, catalytic converters, cat-back systems, and tips.

            Click the link below to find more information on MagnaFlow's products on their

            web site:



Ractive offers a complete line of products to customize your vehicle.  Using T-304

stainless steel for their stainless products, Ractive provides Headers, Cat Back systems,

Catalytic Converters, Mufflers, Mufflers with tips, and a variety of tips to help increase

performance and customize your vehicle.

Click the link below to find more information on Toucan industries products on their

 web site:


K & N

          K&N is a manufacturer of some of the finest air filters in world.  These high quality,

high flow, washable air filters are used by Professional racers and mechanics worldwide

to protect their expensive engines.

Click the link below to find more information on K&N's products on their

web site:






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